Morocco, a majestic land of a thousand wonders

Morocco has many amazing faces, drawn from a unique and rich history, set amongst breathtaking natural, majestic surrounds.

Some say that nature became creative in Morocco, as its exceptional environmental diversity merges seamlessly to give life to a real natural masterpiece. From mountain ranges, wide Atlantic coastlines and Mediterranean shores to the endless golden desert dunes and green oases situated at the heart of the Kingdom and its people.

Unexpected delights greet many travelers to Morocco, forests, caves, lakes, high plains, snow covered peaks, waterfalls and riversthat meander across the countryside. Morocco's natural wonders seem to effortlessly connect cities and villages, each voicing their own unique tale amongst the exotic cultural tapestry of this diverse and deeply historic nation.

Humanity has also set a rich cultural heritage in Morocco, which has throughout the centuries invited guests to experience a magical, eclectic bundance only found here. Today, the modern face of Morocco, now open to the world, embraces both new and traditional cultural spheres, ready for the avid traveller to explore and discover.

Many visitors to Morocco speak of being immersed amongst Morocco's warm and welcoming atmosphere, it's diverse cultures, unique art, multifarious architecture, exotic spices and gastronomy, souks and crafts, which feature influences from as far into prehistory as the Phoenicians, Moorish, Romans, Berber and Arab-Andalusian dynasties, as well as the French, Middle Eastern and Spanish influences of the modern era.

The Kingdom of Morocco has somehow managed to preserve this multiform authenticity, whilst at the same time developing it's modern interconnected infrastructure; international hotel and restaurant chains, golf courses, prestigious conference and business centres as well as new transportation and road networks.

Morocco has all the ingredients for truly diversified tourism, both authentic and modern, that cumulates into the perfect destination for modern travellers.

Morocco never ceases to seduce and amaze.

About us

Majestour's expertise in Moroccan tourism is drawn on half a century of dedication and passion for our nation's natural, cultural and man made delights. From the heart of Marrakesh, the Majestour magic; the knowledge, the learning has been handed down from father to son, our success evidenced in the shining eyes and resplendent smiles of our guests, all of whom leave with wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Majestour is continually evolving and innovating our services to delight the modern traveller. We understand that our success is also that of our partners, and so take great strides to ensure our clients discover and rediscover Morocco with effortless ease, wonder and excitement.

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